Saturday, February 27, 2010

Freebie Friday!

Yesterday was a day for free stuff!

FisherPapa had a Health Fair going on at work, with LOADS of people giving away samples, including a Whole Foods booth giving away yummy fresh apples, Pirate's Booty, reusable bags, dish soap, Cliff Mojo bars, and bottles of Tea. I went to a pediatric dentist booth and got a free toothbrush for BabyFish. It was fun and a great time to see friends. We even ran into our neighbors who have a chiropractic practice!

Yesterday I made a box of Fiber One muffin mix that I had gotten last month. I was amazed at how good they were, and how incredibly filling they are! It also made my whole house smell like blueberry muffins! So I realized that my paper coupon for another box was expiring, so we stopped off so I could use it. I knew they were kind of expensive, but I figured the extra dollar (.50 coupon, plus double at Safeway) would make a difference, and I was willing to pay a little bit since they were so yummy.

I grabbed the box, double checked the clearance meat sections (You never know what AWESOME deals you will find there!), and then went to the self checkout. I scanned my box of muffin mix, and then my club card, and waited to see how many e-coupons I had. (I didn't check before I left the house, and I am too cheap to buy a phone with a data plan that would let me check on the fly.) 6 E-COUPONS later, I owed $ .99! Plus my paper coupon for .50, and the checked could only double it for the amount left (You can't get money back). So I walked out without paying ANYTHING out of Pocket with muffin mix that is tasty and filling.

FisherPapa was pretty darn excited, and so was I. I LOVE freebies!

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