Monday, October 31, 2011

Upcycled Play Kitchen

So, FishPapa and I have wanted to get LittleFish a play kitchen. We prefer toys that are imagination based play, and what could be better than teaching our boy that cooking is for him too? (He always loves to help in the kitchen when I can find things for him to do...)

The problem is how freaking expensive those giant pieces of molded plastics are. It's a little shocking, and certainly not my favorite to have in our home. Then, when I was on Pinterest, I saw the cutest thing: Repurposed furniture being turned into Play Kitchens. After looking for a while, I decided I would try to see if it was a do-able project for me. If I borrow or buy a jigsaw and find the pieces at thrift stores, I think it's a do-able and inexpensive project!

So, today i looked at Goodwill (total bust). They wanted $50 for nightstands. Not cool. Someone needs to remind them that they are a thrift store. So I went down to the Salvation Army thrift store: SCORE! I found the world's ugliest piece of furniture that is PERFECT to upcycle into a play kitchen for $15. Once I get my hands on a handheld jigsaw, I can cut the whole for the sink and trim a piece of plywood we have to become the back splash. I'll spend the next few days finding knobs and faucets, and doing some planning, but I've got that new project buzz. Maybe even more so because I can do some cool repurposing while making something sweet and cool for my boy!

Here is the before picture of our play kitchen:

And the after, once we set it up for Christmas: