Monday, February 8, 2010

Fabulous Target Shopping

So, all the time and effort that I have spent looking at coupon blogs and learning how to put together deals has PAID OFF!
Today, the whole family took a trip to Target. (FisherPapa hangs out with Little Fish and they do their own thing while I do the deal shopping.)

I split it between 3 transactions to best use the $5 gift cards that Target was offering for purchasing 5 Quaker items and for purchasing Gillette 2 razors. (I did the 2 razors twice.)

Out of pocket, I spent $24.20 (Those socks that LittleFish needed were $4.99 plus tax!) Once you factor in the $5 Gift card that I still have, my net will be $19.20. I saved 39.18 in coupons alone, not including the sale prices!

About a month ago, I handed FisherPapa a coupon and a catalina to go pick something up at the store for me. He was confused by the catalina, and my response was to use it first, because it's like money. He told me to other day that he likes my new hobby, because it truly is like I'm clipping money.

I do this because it's thrilling to find great prices, and even more wonderful to be able to be generous!

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  1. It really is like clipping money. My husband won't even go to the store anymore for fear of me asking "how much did you pay for that?" :) Saving money is a good hobby indeed.