Friday, February 26, 2010

Sweet Scores!

I've had a pretty good week with the sales and coupons!

At Target this week I got 2 packages of my Dove Ultra Deodorant each with a little body mist sample for 1.29 each. Not bad when they are normally 3.64 each, without the free sample.

But probably my best score at Target this week was toilet paper. They are clearancing out their January Stock up and save items. I found a couple packages of Quilted Northern for 7.98 (50% off). These each had 36 Big rolls, which they equate to 72 rolls of normal tp. BUT, I had coupons, making each of these guys 6.98. So for less than the cost of 1 of those large packs, I got 2...and I shouldn't have to buy tp for a month or two. :)

It makes me really happy when I can pair a really good sale with coupons!

At Walgreens, I had to use up a $3 Register Reward that was going to expire. I knew there was a $2 Register Reward for buying a Goody Hair Accessory, but even cooler was that they were being clearanced out. I thought I was paying about $1.25 for a pack of Hair Bands and then I also got a couple clips since mine have been been breaking (they were also on clearance for $2.29). I was wrong about the Hair Bands though...they were actually ringing up .75. So together, my Out of pocket was .29, PLUS I got another $2 in Register Rewards to use later!

At Safeway I got 2 of those little 8 packs of coke bottles for $1 each. We had been out of cola for a week or two, and around here, that's not good. We don't drink it all the time, but heaven help us if we want it and we're out :)

Today, I went to New Seasons Market. They are having an anniversary sale that made this trip so fun! They are giving away a smart car and tomorrow will have cake. I mostly went because they have some pretty good meat prices. The meat I bought from them today isn't treated with hormones or antibiotics, and is semi-local, which if I can get a good deal on, I'll take any day of the week. PLUS, they will wrap it up in small portions so you have meal sized amounts to pull out of your freezer.
Anyway, their Natural Beef Ground Sirloin (5% fat) is $2.99/lb and their Pacific Village Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast is on sale $3.99/lb.

I didn't stock up as much as I would have liked, but I may be headed back there tomorrow. :)

I also got 4 bags of Kettle Chips for .50 each, Organic Navel Oranges for .59/lb, and Organic Fuji Apples for .99/lb (holy smoke were their apples HUGE).

But the best thing is that they have the Chinook Book on sale for $13 (normally $20), and with coupons from that I was able to combine with sales and got:
Organic Pumpkin Flax seed Granola (YUMMY) & Organic Kids cereal for $1 each
Cage Free Eggs (2 dozen) for $2 = $1/dozen!
Free Handmade Sausage
Free Organic French Baguette
3 Sunshine Yogurts (Normally .69 each) for .36 each.
2 Pacific Natural Organic soups for $1 each

Now, I saved about $8 using the Chinook Book, BUT, this was something I had already been thinking about buying, since it features coupons for local businesses. I got even more excited when I realized that upon my first trip to Burgerville, I would definitely make up the rest of the $5 I spent on the Chinook book.

So overall, it's been a good week for deals in our household!

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