Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love for the Local

Today was a day that reminded me what I love about local businesses.

We went to lunch at The Good Pizza Company. We LOVE this place cause the food is GREAT, they have a very inexpensive lunch, and it's super close to where we live. But not only is the pizza awesome, they really want to create loyal customers. So when we came in and ordered 5 slices of pizza (Lunch is by the slice, starting $1 a slice/$0.25 each extra topping) they tossed in a couple cans of soda. SCORE! But then, when they brought the pizza to us, the 5 slices that made up almost an entire pizza themselves were joined by some wings! They were yummy, and it's just something the owner does sometimes for his customers.

Then tonight, FisherPapa took me to this frozen custard place out in Battle Ground Village called Frozen Alchemy. The owner was very sweet and let us try as many flavors as it took to find what we wanted. (They have a flavor called "Blue Moon" that is the flavor of Fruit Loops!) I loved the Birthday Cake and FisherPapa got a Cocoa flavor that when eaten with the birthday cake tasted like chocolate frosting! It was SO good!

But then, BabyFish was asking for a cupcake (He was giving me the sign for please). See, they also have cupcakes and a lady who makes VERY cool cakes. It was getting to be closing time, and I decided we'd get a cupcake for Babyfish. The very sweet cake lady thought we should get a Thomas cupcake for tomorrow, and I thought I should grab a mini one for tonight. The Owner asked how much to ring up, and she said not to worry about it!
So BabyFish and I shared a mini, and we have this beautiful Thomas the Train cupcake for tomorrow.

These are the things local businesses do to get customers and gain loyalty. And it's why I LOVE local!

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