Saturday, January 30, 2010

Project Management

I LOVE projects. All kinds of projects. Cooking projects, cleaning projects, creative projects. Things with a specific goal in mind. I'm not so good at the day to day things. I load and unload the dishwasher because if I didn't there wouldn't be clean dishes, and that gets inconvenient fast. But projects give me a specific way to handle something that I want done.

Even better is when my creative projects help me with other projects I'm doing.

Nolan has been in our room since we brought him home from the hospital, and we're wanting to move him to his own room by his birthday (in June). Since he's been in there when he sleeps, which is also when I am best at getting things accomplished, our bedroom is lacking in organization. So, one of my on-going projects is to sort through the piles of clutter in our room. As I was going through the piles I realized why I never wear my jewelry - I can't ever FIND it! It's everywhere. Big boxes, little boxes, no boxes. Scattered through the room, our walk in closet, and the bathroom.

See, one of the reasons we have piles of clutter throughout the house is because I'm one of those people who does best when they can see what they have. If something gets put away in a drawer or closet, I don't think to look for it. Mostly, it ceases to exist. (You can ask Fisherpapa about when he came home from touring and kept putting my coats in the front closet. I was sure they were vanishing!)

So I decided that a creative solution would be best. I needed to have my jewelry where I could easily see what I have and what best fits what I'm wearing. So jewelry boxes were out, as well as armoires. I was thumbing through a magazine and found the perfect solution!

A corkboard. With pins.

It is pretty and fits all my criteria for organizational purposes, but is also a kind of art. It makes me happy.

Plus, it was a really easy project to check off my list!

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