Tuesday, January 26, 2010

FINALLY Transferring Photos

So, one of my biggest problems with all the things I want to do is how busy I constantly feel. Partly because my work schedule runs weird and partly because I have a toddler, I feel like I never have time to get the things done that I want to.

One of those things is moving photos from my digital cameras to my hard drives for backup. I have more than a year's worth of photos on my DSLR. Thousands of photos that sit on my camera waiting to be moved to my hard drive and then sorted for which photos will be used for projects and albums.

So I gave myself a little challenge this year. I found out about Becky Higgins' wonderful project 365 album. As awesome as that it, in reality, I can't keep up with that much. So i will be using her album and doing at least a monthly spread. At least 7 pictures from each month, with cards journaling about our life. A reminder about how life was when Nolan was little, about the blessings of my life, and about how we are growing and changing.

I'm super excited to get my album (it's being shipped here as we speak) and get to start on the first month. But as I was considering a nap today I realized that I could do some of the prep work, and move those photos. So here I sit, moving and backing up my photos to give my poor camera memory card a break.

What in your life would you want to look back on?

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