Sunday, October 24, 2010

Letting Go

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I handle stuff, and how my reactions set the tone for how my day goes.

Yesterday was a prime example. I woke up, did dishes, made breakfast for my family, and then tried to get some stuff done around the house. But I was stressed the whole time, and I can't say I was that pleasant to be around. I felt there was too much to get done, too little time, and I was already tired from not getting enough sleep the night before.

But then I shifted my thinking. I got to have a meal with my guys, and I did get some stuff done. Yes, I wasn't going to be getting the nap I wanted, but I could get some things done and enjoy my time with my little one.

I realized that trying to over-manage the people I love most was not only driving them crazy, but it was causing me stress. And I was allowing that stress to ruin my day. So, now that I see a problem, how do I fix it?

simplify my life.
weight things as they truly matter.
stop and breathe, and look around to enjoy what I have.

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