Thursday, March 25, 2010

$5 dress

So, last month, our BBQ went kaput. FisherPapa went outside to find the knobs on the ground in front of the grill, and the front of it was on fire. BAD.

So we started checking out new grills. He had been using that one for 5 years, so it was probably time anyway. We generally don't pay more than $200 for a grill, so that was our budget. (I'm sure at some point we'll need to adjust for inflation, but it's worked for the last 10 years).

After checking everything out that we could, we stopped by Sears one day. 3 burner gas grill on sale from $249 to $199... we were excited by the price, and even more so about the quality. This Kenmore brand grill seemed heavier duty than any other one we had looked at within the price range. And even better, I had a MK sale that covered nearly all of the price of the grill.

So we went to go get it on Monday night. But then realized it wouldn't fit in our car. That's ok, we'll head back the next morning to get it in the SUV. This decision led to the $5 dress.

Since we had some time, we shopped around a bit. I stopped into Romy, and headed toward the clearance racks. The weird thing was, they had DOZENS of the same dress in a bunch of sizes. I tried on a few until I found the perfect fit, while chatting with the sales girl. The most interesting thing she told me was that when things go on clearance, they get shipped to the Lloyd center mall store, because the stores in the nicer areas (Looking at you Bridgeport Village) have trouble selling the items once they go on clearance.

Seriously, once it goes on SALE they have trouble selling it? I'm not complaining...I got a cute dress for $4.99, and the tip that if there is something I want, go to Lloyd center to look. It might have better selection and better sales!

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