Wednesday, August 20, 2014

StitchFix #2

Sorry everyone - the last month has been CRAZY! Hubs was working mad hours and I was just trying to hold down the fort! This week, we all slowed down when our littlest caught something nasty, and I finally have some downtime to write!

So, my second StitchFix... was really good! I think my pinterest board helped. the stylist mentioned that my board gave her some inspiration.

What is Stitch Fix?
It's a Subscription clothing service. You sign up (here is my referral link - thank you!) and fill out a fairly extensive survey about you, your sizes, and your preferences. You can choose to have a "fix" as often as you like, or just sign up for one Fix at a time. You pay a $20 styling fee to a Stylist who will then pick out 5 items to send to you. (Someone else putting in the time and energy to find my clothes? Yes!) The $20 will go towards anything you keep, and if you keep everything in the box, you get 25% off.
They send you a postage paid mailing bag to send anything back that you don't want to keep, and you fill out a survey about what you liked and didn't like in your fix.
Their clothing is high quality (think Nordstrom) and they send you styling cards to help you figure out how to wear what they have sent.

(They have accessories and purses that can be part of your fix, but with my metal allergies, I thought it was best to have them just send clothes to me.)

I took more photos this month, so you could see how it looks when you get it!

The box is surprisingly small to hold 5 pieces of clothes!
Wrapped up all pretty!
With a personal note and styling cards for each piece of clothing sent...

First peek!

All the clothes laid out on my bed, ready to try on!

First up: Adora Ankle length Colored Skinny Jean & Jillian Crochet Detail Tank

The jeans were soft and stretchy, and I LOVED the color. I've been wanting a pair of colored jeans (I don't think I even have black pants!) While I really wanted these to work, they were just a little too skinny, especially in the waist. (Status: Sent Back)

The crochet detail tank was the softest material, and what I failed to have Hubs take a pic of was the gorgeous detail on the top back of the tank. It starts on those straps, and I LOVE lace, but don't have anything like this piece. This was a HUGE win for me! (Status: kept!)

The owl necklace was a gift from a wonderful friend of mine

Sloane Colorblock A-Line Ponte Shift Dress - It was this gorgeous thick material that also had give. Really comfortable and fun, but it hugged me in the places I am most self conscious. Hubs loved it, but I felt it was destined to get stuck in the back of the closet. (Status: Sent Back)

Zabaleta Boat Neck Striped Knit Shirt - This shirt was fun - the color was great and the cut was good. I just didn't LOVE this piece, and the great wardrobe clear out of this winter taught me to only keep what I LOVE! (Status: Sent Back)

Lastly, the Cara Flutter Sleeve Blouse - This was pretty sheer, and the material just didn't give a whole lot. Fine if I was sitting in an office, but chasing two kids around tends to require some "give" when I'm picking them up and playing with them. (Status: Sent Back)

This service is so much fun - coming home to a present on my doorstep, with the ability to try things on at home with other articles of clothing I love (The jeans in the last couple pics were from my last StitchFix!) and the ability to just drop at a mail box anything I want to return has been a huge help to this Mama who does NOT want to take 2 kids to the mall to hopefully find something I like.  

I did have a different stylist this month, but both fixes have been really great at helping me find things I wouldn't normally have tried on

If you haven't tried it, it's definitely fun to give Stitch Fix a try! 

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  1. Oh, honey, you should have kept that dress and the blue-striped tee! Your hubby was right - you look amazing in that dress! I wish those jeans would have fit, too. Maybe they'll send them in a different size for you? If they do, let me know! Either way, it's fun having someone shop for you. :-)